Dear diving friends,

We are very happy that as the organizers of this year’s INTERNATIONAL TECHMEETING 2023, we can offer you meetings and presentations with interesting personalities from the diving world of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Great Britain, Norway and other European countries. We approached the lecturers in the sincere belief that they will enrich your diving horizons by conveying their experiences and experiences.

We approached Robert Korim with a friend request for an Editorial for INTERNATIONAL TECHMEETING 2023 so that you can imagine or recall its atmosphere, doesn’t matter whether you are attending a Techmeeting for the first time or repeatedly. Robert Korim, as a regular participant of the Slovak diving scene, who has been a part of all Techmeetings organized so far, is definitely the person called for it.

We wish you a pleasant reading and look forward to seeing you on October 28.-29. 2023

Andrea and Tomáš Kiss, organizers of INTERNATIONAL TECHMEETING 2023

What comes to my mind when I hear TECHMEETING?

TECHMEETING – in its original form a meeting of technical divers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, has become a brand in its more than 20-year history. Since its beginnings, it has brought together individuals for whom the limits of ordinary recreational diving were too narrow. Boys, men and boys with the heart of a rebel and the desire to discover, overcome and push the limits. It was there with us in various formats. From a lively but very sincere gathering of a few dozen overgrown adventurers eagerly listening about the “long hose” of the primary or how to “make nitrox” to grand conferences featuring stellar speakers from around the world explaining to us laymen the essence of “isobaric counterdiffusion”.

Another TECHMEETING is upon us, after years back in Slovakia. Times have of course changed a lot over the decades. Both the form and the content of similar meetings have changed, not to mention that a whole new generation of technical divers has grown up. To count those of us who will now be present in the hall and who were also present at the first meeting in 1999, it will probably not take more than the fingers of one hand.

As organisers, we will understandably do our best to make it recognisable in your memory once again. That’s why there will probably be no shortage of electronic registration forms, up-to-date applications, simultaneous translation, large screen projections or a sound system like a radio studio. The space in which TECHMEETING will be held is modern and the speakers will certainly be professional and excellently prepared.

But to be honest – I am most looking forward to the breaks between the presentations and the two evenings when I will meet again after a year with people I respect and whose work or hobby I admire immensely. I am proud to call many of them my friends!

So, what comes to mind when I hear TECHMEETING? Probably a chunk of my life.

Friends – see you at the end of October at TECHMEETING 2023!

Robert Korim

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