Dive Industry Consultant
Dark Water Exploration Ltd. Director
“Phil started diving in 1990 from a background of dry caving and has worked in the diving industry as a diving professional and industry consultant for the last 26 years. Phil’s passion is as it always was cave exploration and that love has taken him around the globe to areas as remote as the Caucus and Ural mountains in the Russian Federation and the mountains of Southern Mexico.
He is a Qualified Diver status member of the British Cave Diving Group,Board of Advisors member of IANTD, co owner of IANTD UK and an Instructor Trainer in Open Circuit, Closed Circuit and Cave Diving.
He was awarded the “Diver of the Conference” award at TechDive USA 2016 and is a Member of the Explorers Club.
He is currently co owner of Dark Water Exploration Ltd. who specialise in training, support and logistics for the Scientific Diving community and have worked for organisations including, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), the US National Parks Service (NPS), Lund University Sweden and the Greek Ministry Ephorate of underwater antiquities on projects including the Antikythera Mechanism wreck, Lord Elgin’s Mentor wreck and the B-24 Tulsamerican.”