Beyond The Sump
Technology – Planning – Strategy – Risk management
with examples of expeditions “Pozo Azul” – “Baume des Anges” – “Emergence de Ressel”

Pedro Balordi began his diving career at the age of eighteen as a diver in France on the Mediterranean Sea. Then followed many diving trips to various exotic dive sites around the globe.
In the early nineties, he trained many students to become divers and at the same time, he became more and more interested in the upcoming technical diving.

This was followed by the first certification for rebreather diving in 1996 and in 1998 by certifications for trimix diving, cave diving and other rebreather units. After some time as a technical diving instructor (in his spare time) it became more and more difficult to reconcile his favorite hobbies dry caving and cave diving with his function as a diving instructor.

In 2001 he finished his career as a diving instructor and focused on caving and cave diving. Pedro is an enthusiastic speleologist, but as a keen diver he has always been interested in the development of diving techniques, and these two disciplines have increasingly become his greatest passion. Multi siphon diving. At the same time, Pedro has also been involved in Swiss cave rescue for years. Here he was active in many rescue and recovery operations in dry caves and water caves in Switzerland and abroad.

In addition to his role as Head of Operations at the “Suisse-Speleo Secour”, he is also active as President of the Cave Diving Commission of the Swiss Speleological Society “SGH”.
In the last few years he has explored many caves in Switzerland, France and Italy until the end and beyond and inspired many divers in the application of new techniques and strategic considerations in multi-siphon diving.

His presentation will show how important it is to have a customized device configuration and what his considerations are in bailout and strategy planning. Examples of his expedition dives in the “Pozo Azul” in Spain and the “Baume des Anges” and “Emergence de Ressel” in France show us impressively what this means in practice.

For him personally, it is a matter of concern to talk about his risk management and the importance of personal preparation for such extreme dives.