Born 1967 in Celadna
Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University in Olomouc, graduation in 1991
Since 1995 private practice – till now…
From 1996 to 2010, Urgent Medical Assistant (City Rescue Service, Territorial Rescue Service Center)
Since 1996 doctor and diving instructor for the Main Mining Rescue Station in Ostrava Radvanice – active.
Diver since 1982
ASTD – Association of Sport and Technical Divers Training Director, Founder
Instructor Trainer IANTD for diving with Trimix, Nitrox
Instructor Trainer IANTD for overhead diving – caves, wrecks
CMAS Instructor, Former DAN Instructor
Instructor ČSS – Czech Speleological Society for Cave Diving
Former member of the Association of Divers of the Czech Republic – Member of the Medical Commission
Head of the Technical Commission
mixed diving
Member of ZO 7-02 Hranický karst / Hranicka Abyss, participation in expeditions Cuba Mexico 1989 – discovery and mapping Tanque Azul … Sardinia 1990 – Bue Marino, Ramo Nord
Projects on the Hranice Gap, Sardinia
Co-author of the concept of technical and mixed diving in the Czech Republic since 1998, deepest Czech Dive with Mark Hasa dive to 130m on the Hranice Abyss 1998
Co-Founder of Techmeeting
The most popular student of his diving instructors and budddies – Mirek Lola Miroslav Lukáš and Silvestr Peknik