– 2005 – 2009 trainer and coach of the Czech national team
– WCH team 2006, second place
– WCH team 2008, second place
Furthermore, only a list of actions and activities:
– Director of F.I.I. Europe
– Chief organizer and main freediving safety diver for World Records Events with Martin Stepanek – Sony / – 2007, XTB World Record Challenge 2009 and 2011
– Organizer of many freediving events and national competitions etc.
– AIDA International Judge
– Cooperator with world leaders of freediving and diving equipment companies
Scuba diving
– AEANx, Technical Cave, TMx a RB Instructor Trainer Trainer
– Association of Sport and Technical Divers / course director
– Commercial diver 69 – 014 – H
– Active exploration & test diver / max.depth -161m and distance of 2000m
– Designer of SCR TresPresidentes and test diver for Lola, X-CCR, Santi etc.
– Member of the Czech Speleological Society/ZO702-HraniceKarst
– Member of the CSS UW Rescue Team
– CSS member of the commission for Cave Diving Training
– Organizerand main depth diver at securing exploration in Hranice abyss in collaboration with National Geographic and Krzysztof Starnawsky PL. / Second deepest cave in the world…